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Who We Are

Expert Story Tellers

FlavourAds draws on the collective expertise of its team of content creators and performance marketers to tell stories that influence and inspire.

We create these stories for premium websites and mobiles apps. With sophisticated automation tools we maximise placement effectiveness for the best audience engagement, providing full transparency over our media buying activity including content and ad performance in the process.

What We Do

We use programmatic media buying and content discovery to reach targeted audiences on the web and in apps

Our aim it to create emotional connections with prospective customers and influence them into taking desired actions. This is generally in the context of running direct response campaigns where there is a defined objective such as customer acquisition or raising brand awareness.

Our Services

Programmatic Display

We help brand owners succeed in online marketing through better use of data.

That's why we run direct response campaigns with display inventory purchased programmatically. Our expertise extends from Data Management Platforms (DMPs) through to creative management, real time bidding and campaign optimisation. All our media buys are bolstered with the latest technology in cross-device retargeting to maximise conversion rates.

Managed Native

We create and distribute content on the top discovery platforms worldwide using native ads.

By aggregating inventory from these content discovery platforms, we have created unparalleled volume secured at preferential rates through economies of scale. Because all we do is buy media, your brand can benefit even if you already use native ads. All of our campaigns are created with defined CPA objectives in mind ensuring the best value for money.

Influencer Outreach

Reach new audiences by leveraging our access to influential social media users

Instagram, Vine and Snapchat have all become critical tools for reaching new audiences, especially millenials. But how are brands meant to cut through all the noise to achieve engagement and ultimately sales? Through a combination of deep audience profiling and programmatic media buying, we tap into micro-communities via influencer outreach thus marketing WITH your desired audience, not to them.

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